Directions: Diversion to visit The Eden Project

From St. Blazey petrol station ignore the Saints Way sign to Prideaux Road and continue on Bridge St./Fore St. to St. Blazey Church. Turn right in front of the church up Churchfield Place on a path through fields that lead to Cornhill Farm and a lane. Walk left along this to a junction. At this junction turn right for the entrance to the Eden Project or go straight on to Tregehan Mills to find Eden Yard Backpackers’ Hostel.

After visiting The Eden Project, you can rejoin the Saints Way at the turning for Luxuylan Valley in Prideaux Road.

Directions: St. Blazey to Luxuylan

3.5 miles/5.5km

2 hours

This includes a diversion from the Saints Way that visits the Treffry railway viaduct and aqueduct and also avoids a bull! The Saints Way is rejoined at Luxuylan Church.

From St. Blazey petrol station find the Saints Way marker and cross into Prideaux Road. Take the first road right signposted to Luxulyan Valley and then follow the Saints Way sign left into the woods. At the top of the woods, follow the clear path, keeping the wood on your right. Eventually there is a stile into a field. Walk in this field with the fence/boundary on your right, to the stile in the top right hand corner. Turn right on the track, passing through the farm, and then bear left to the join the road at Great Prideaux Bungalow. At the T junction, IGNORE the Saints Way sign into the field (there is a ‘Beware of the Bull’ sign and likely to be cattle on the way beyond the woods) turning right along the road.

At the next junction turn left, following the narrow lane, under the railway to the Treffry Viaduct. From the Treffry Viaduct information board, climb a short distance to find an aqueduct and wide path, walk left.

To visit the top of the viaduct cross the aqueduct by the footbridge and climb the path through the wood. Return back to the aqueduct by this footbridge, continuing on the aqueduct path away from the viaduct.

Rejoin the lane just beyond the car park, continue through the valley, bearing left at the next junction into the village. Stop off at St. Cyor’s Well before the steep steps up to Luxulyan Churchyard.

Directions: Luxulyan to Helman Tor Gate

3 miles /5km

1.5 hours

Resume following the Saints’ Way markers. On leaving Luxuylan Church turn right along the road running alongside the church. Follow the signs to fork left at the next lane and then into a field on the right. Cross another lane into further fields. Walk through these boulder-strewn fields and cross ancient stiles, through woodland and across a stream. Finally reach a lane at Tredinnick. Go right on the lane, and on and past Corgee Farm to Lowertown to find Gunwen Chapel.

From Lowertown fork right to meet the other Saints’ Way path coming from Fowey at Helman Tor Gate.