The Cornish Celtic Way is a new pilgrimage route covering 125 miles through Cornwall from St. German’s to St. Michael’s Mount. It incorporates over 60 miles of the Cornish coastal path as well as two established pilgrimage routes: The Saints’ Way and St. Michael’s Way. The Cornish Celtic Way is divided into 16 walks that can be done as a whole over about 2 weeks or can be completed in sections over a longer period of time.

The aim of the Cornish Celtic Way is to aid people of all ages who are interested in spirituality to explore and develop their faith in a different way. We believe that having faith isn’t about just going to a place of worship – it’s about getting out and experiencing it in everyday life as well, and taking it into your own hands. We hope that the Cornish Celtic Way will develop spiritual growth and personal reflection through stories of the Celtic Saints, Cornwall’s rich history, incredible landscape and the people and communities that will be encountered along the way.

The Celtic saints engaged with nature and believed an understanding of God is revealed through it. They risked everything to bring Christianity to Cornwall between 500 and 600AD. The Cornish Celtic Way will guide people to walk in their footsteps, see what they saw and experience places of special significance where the Saints had been such as Celtic crosses, standing stones, holy wells and churches.

This year we have published a book, ‘A Cornish Celtic Way’ which will provides an overall guide for this pilgrimage. You can buy it through our shop page, and all profits will go back into the Cornish Celtic Way project.

We will be holding a series of led walks throughout 2018 and we are planning another Walking Festival for May  and a 5 day pilgrimage on the route in September. Details will be posted soon.